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1. Team of Key Technology of Plannning, Organization and Direction of Comprehensive Transportation System

Director: Professor Peng Qiyuan

Main Research Directions:

Comprehensive Transportation System Planning & Resource Allocation

Optimization Theory and Methods of Comprehensive Transportation Organization Systems

Information & Intelligence Technology of Comprehensive Transportation Systems

Optimization Theory and Method of Rail Transit Organization

Key Technologies of Fundamental Information Platform in Digitize Comprehensive Transportation Systems


2. Team of Key Technologies of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Director: Professor Luo Xia

Main Research Directions:

Analysis & Design of Dynamic Networks

Collection of Dynamic Traffic Information Collection

Multi-source Traffic Data Fusion and Mining

Evolution of Travel Behavior under Traffic Information Environment


3. Team of Logistic Engineering and Management

Director: Professor Zhang Jin

Main Research Directions:

Logistics Planning Theory and Methods

Optimization Theory of Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics Information Technology and Management Systems

Logistic Economy & Finance Modes

Theory & Application of Emergency Logistics

Application and Development of the Internet of Things


4. Team of Key Technologies of Train Operation Diagram Compilation Systems

Director: Professor Ni Shaoquan

Main Research Directions:

Train Operation Diagram Compilation Using Computer

Informationization and Intelligentization of Railway Transportation

Railway Transportation Organization and Optimization

Urban Rail Transit Organization and Informationization


5. Team of Comprehensive Transportation Safety and Environment Research

Director: Professor Mu Ruifang; Professor Jiang Xinguo

Main Research Directions:

Traffic Disaster Engineering

Safety of Ergonomics

Traffic Safety and Monitoring Technologies

Traffic Safety Evaluation and Management


6. Team of Key Problems in Transportation System Science and Engineering

Director: Professor Fu Lipin

Main Research Directions:

Transportation Systems Planning, Management and Control

Traffic Emission Monitoring, Modeling, and Air Pollution Mitigation

Urban Multi-modal Transportation Systems

Weather Sensitive Transportation Systems

System Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Risk and Reliability


7. Urban Green Transportation Planning Theory and System Design

Main Research Directions:

Transportation Network Modeling and Optimization

Road Congestion Pricing

Transportation Economics and Policies

Land Use and Transportation Planning

Traffic Impact Analysis on Environment and Energy Consumption

Multi-mode Comprehensive Transportation Systems