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As one of the schools which have long and rich history in Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), School of Transport and Logistics provides an important support for the university characterized by transport. In the past 50 years, the school has always taken  "based on rail transportation, facing comprehensive transportation, and servicing economic development" as the guiding ideology. It has made remarkable achievements in the areas of discipline construction, education, talents training, scientific research, laboratory construction, foreign exchange, Party construction and students affair, and social services.

In 1956, Department of Railway Transportation of Tangshan Railway Institute was established, and later was renamed as Department of Transportation Engineering in 1985. In 1998, School of Traffic and Transportation was set up. In May 2006, in order to adapt to the development of modern logistics and meet the need of talents education, based on Department of Logistics Engineering in School of Traffic and Transportation, SWJTU established the  first Logistics Institute  within all the national "211 Project" universities.  In October 2010, under the development strategy guidance of SWJTU that  "condensing discipline force,  strengthening subject characteristics, improving the academic level,  and enhancing the competitiveness of subjects”, School of Traffic and Transportation and School of Logistics were united as School of Transportation and Logistics.

The school was set up in Tangshan, grew up in Emei, and expanded in Chengdu. At present, it has a complete education system from the undergraduate education, to graduate education students and then to post-doctoral education. It has 1 post-doctoral station of transportation engineering, 4 doctoral programs of Transportation Planning and Management, Traffic  Engineering, System Engineering and Logistics  Engineering; 5 master programs of  Transportation  Planning  and Management, Traffic Engineering, System Science, Safety Science and Engineering, and Logistics Engineering; 3 engineering master programs of Transportation Engineering, Safety Engineering and Logistics Engineering; 5 undergraduate programs of Transportation, Traffic Engineering, and Safety Engineering, Logistics Engineering and Logistics Management, among which, Transportation and Traffic Engineering are national characteristic majors. The top-level discipline the school depends on, Transportation  Engineering,  maintains number one in the major evaluation of Ministry of Education

The school has strong faculty force and rich teaching facilities. It possesses 1 National-LocalAssociation Engineering Laboratory,  1 national teaching  exemplary center, 2 provincial key laboratories and 5 provincial education bases. The faculty of the school includes 1 academician of China Engineering Academy (jointly appointed), 2 National Distinguished Teachers, 26 PhD supervisors, close to 30 professors, close to 50 associate professors and over 40 part-time and visiting professors. In  addition, 1 professor is  listed  in  “New Century Excellent Talents in University” of Ministry of Education, 3 professors are listed in "Hundred Talents Program" of Sichuan Province, and 3 professors are "Academic Leaders of Sichuan Province". Meanwhile, the school has an enrollment of more than 1800 undergraduate students and 1100 master and doctoral graduates. In the past 50 years, the school has cultivated nearly ten thousand graduates in the field of transportation and logistics for our country, which has made a great contribution for the construction and development of national transportation and modern logistics. The school research production is fruitful. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 200 national and provincial research projects including the national "863" project and the national "Twelfth Five-Year" scientific and technological projects, which has won more than 30 national and provincial scientific and technological  achievements including the national scientific and technological progress and other awards. We are at the leading level of China on compiling train operation diagram using computer, dispatch and direction of trains, intelligent transportation and modern Logistics. School of Transportation and Logistics will maintain the educational tradition  of "Conscientious Scholarship and Stringent Requirement" of SWJTU, take building first-class, internationally  renowned  high-level research  Institute  as the  goal, strive for  progress and innovation, and create new brilliance.