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Department of Traffic Engineering and Chengdu Tianfu New District Planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd. Held a Cooperation Ceremony

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In the afternoon of July 13, the “Traffic Engineering Talent Joint Cultivation Base” and “Urban Traffic Joint Research Centre”,which was founded by the Department of Traffic Engineering in our school and Chengdu Tianfu New District Planning and Design Institute co. Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Tianfu Planning and Design Institute"),successfully set up anoffice in Tianfu Jingrong Center. Professor XiaoboLiu, Dean of School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Professor FeiYang, Director of Traffic Engineering Department, Dr. PengCao, Deputy Director of Traffic Engineering Department, as well as DahuaCheng,Chief Economist of Chengdu Tianfu New District Investment Group Co.Ltd.,Chen Xi,Deputy Chief Engineer and Engineering Technology Minister of Management, Yang Lu,Minister of Human Resources,and Zhaopeng Shen,Tianfu Planning and Design Institute General Manager, Yingting Liu,Deputy General Manager and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony.

Dean Xiaobo Liu pointed out that, facing the opportunities and challenges that Tianfu New District is being built to be a new growth pole of western region and a national demonstration area, setting up the “Traffic Engineering Talent Joint Cultivation Base” and “Urban Traffic Joint Research Centre”has a very positive impact on the planning of urban transportation,promoting Tianfu new district transportation planning and making construction more scientific and orderly.Our school is one of the first three schools to set up traffic engineering in the 1980s.It has a profound academic background, large number of faculty members, highly recognized by its peers and is willing to take this opportunity to further exert our advantages of transportation engineering, exploit both sides’ leading roles in the transformation of traffic engineering industry to promote the realization of all-round, multi-field cooperation, and constantly contribute to the construction of the new national district.

Tianfu Planning and Design Institute said that strengthening cooperation and seeking common development is the current trend.Especially the cooperation between enterprises and universities to build research centers and talent cultivating bases with the domestic advanced level is not only the main way to build a technological innovation system that is based on enterprise, which involves enterprise,university and research,but also aneffective measure that takes Tianfu new district as the carrier and focuses on connecting international transportation planning and design,intelligent transportation and transportation data.It also deepens the implementation of a significant strategic planning-- "enlarging urban areas in southern regions"(That is, "South Extension" strategy).We should take this opportunity of setting up the“Traffic Engineering Talent Joint Cultivation Base” and“Urban Traffic Joint Research Centre”to deepen the cooperation.

Dahua Cheng,Chief Economist finally stressed that the two sides should always adhere to the "complementary, mutual trust and mutual benefit" principle, in line with the aim that exert the advantages of university-enterprise cooperation,cultivating first-class design talent, build a vibrant industry-academia research cooperation platform, deepen the strategy of “South Extension”, and serve the construction of the new district to promote the further development of the two sides,and help to make the planning and construction of the Tianfu new district more efficient and orderly.